THE GOLDEN HINDE TURNS 50: Anniversary Celebrations

23rd May 2023
THE GOLDEN HINDE TURNS 50: Anniversary Celebrations

On the 5th April, a day of festivities marked the 50th Anniversary of The Golden Hinde. A full programme of events and activities showcased the dual histories of the ship; both its active sailing life in the 20th Century, and the adventures of Francis Drake in the Elizabethan era. It was a day of high spirits, and reminiscing of the ship’s time on the high seas.

 A Jam-Packed Day of Festivities

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We welcomed the Tempus Fugitives to give swordfighting demonstrations in front of the ship. Tempus Fugitives specialise in practicing 16th century North Italian martial systems, which were incredibly popular amongst urban Elizabethans. They delivered a showcase on the techniques and etiquette of dueling from Drake’s era. 

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Aboard ship, the Hog-Eye Men sang sea shanties from the poop deck, delighting with classics such as ‘The Drunken Sailor’ and ‘Wellerman’. Below decks, family activities engaged visitors of all ages, from arts and crafts to tours and talks about the lives of Francis Drake and his crew.  We invited visitors to design a birthday card to celebrate the ship’s 50th.

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New Stories Being Told

The 50th anniversary marked the addition of a brand new audio tour for visitors, alongside our  16th century tour. The new audio tour focuses on the stories of the crew of our replica. Between 1973 and 1996 The Golden Hinde undertook over 100,000 miles of sailing and completed a circumnavigation. The  anniversary audio tour sheds light on the lives of the people who made it all possible, providing insight into life sailing on a traditional galleon in the 20th century.  
This special 50th Anniversary audio tour will remain on board throughout the year, visit us to hear stories from the crew.

A Celebration For Our Team

As the day grew to a close, the current and former crew members of the Golden Hinde gathered for a small party on board. It was a time to reflect on the hard work spent making the day a success, and the history of the replica. Director Roddy Coleman, who decades ago turned the ship into the museum it is today, cut the cake and made a speech. He expressed his gratitude for being able to witness the ships 50th anniversary: “I didn’t realise forty-something years ago that I would be here at the Golden Hinde’s 50th Birthday”. 

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Looking Ahead to the Future

The Golden Hinde has had a momentous journey to get where it is today. Its preservation as a living testament to history, is a project we are still undertaking. Visitors to the 50th Anniversary celebrations will have noticed the considerable ongoing maintenance work. Now an historic vessel, The Golden Hinde has entrusted expert rigging and shipwright teams to her upkeep, but we also need your help.

Help support conservation efforts, and preserve the Hinde for another 50 years, by getting involved in our fundraising campaign.

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