6th June 2024

The winner of our Marvellous Mizzen Mast art competition was announced earlier this week. Judging the 76 entries, The Dean of Southwark, The Revd Dr Mark Oakley, chose Rosa (Year 5) as the overall winner.

Asked why he chose Rosa’s picture, the Dean commented:"I loved Rosa’s use of collage which gives a real dynamism and interesting perspective to the picture. The ship looks very buoyant and you can’t help feeling buoyant yourself when you look at it! It’s a wonderful, evocative image of a ship at sea.”

 Rosa Y5 1 Winner Rosa 

Rosa described how she created her artwork:

“The collage was made from a replica drawing of the ship coloured with the opposite colours on the colour wheel.”

As competition winner, Rosa has the honour of placing a lucky coin under the Mizzen Mast when it is installed next week on Wednesday 12th June.

The Dean also chose two runners-up: Samuel (Year 4) and Ari (Year 3)Commenting on their artworks, The Dean said:

“I loved the strong colours that Samuel had chosen and how he used defined lines to create a very majestic image of a ship at full sail. Ari’s close-up view gives you a strong sense of the size of the ship. I also loved her playful use of colour, especially the rather impressive set of gold antlers on the Hinde!”

Describing his picture, Samuel said:“This is The Golden Hinde on a dark blue sea and a light baby blue sky with a bright yellow sun.  I have used mostly warm colours above and different cold shades of blue.”

 Samuel Y4


Ari explained her artwork:“I painted the whole Golden Hinde because I can include lots of detail. When I think of ships, I think of the sea. I enjoyed painting the ship because The Golden Hinde is one of my favourite ships.”

 Ari Y3

For the Marvellous Mizzen Mast Competition, KS2 students from one of our partner schools The Cathedral School of St. Saviour & St. Mary Overie were invited to create a piece of artwork on the theme of ships.

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