World Book Day 2024 - The Golden Hinde's Book Recommendations

7th March 2024

To celebrate World Book Day, the team at The Golden Hinde have recommended books related to the ship and its history.

 Black Tudors

The Black Tudors by Miranda Kaufmann

In this book, Miranda Kaufmann tells the stories of 10 Africans in Tudor England. Tracing their lives to piece together how they might have lived and how they were treated. The chapter most connected to The Golden Hinde is about Drake’s right hand man Diego, and tracks his involvement in the circumnavigation. I was particularly interested in the chapters about black Tudor women, several of whom worked or lived in Southwark, where the ship is now docked. This book was an illuminating look at the Tudor period, highlighting people who are often overlooked.

Recommended by: Frankie - Visitor Engagement 

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 Be More Pirate by Sam Conniff Allende

Be More Pirate is a very good book, which starts with excellent knowledge of the Golden Age of Pirates and how they were way ahead of the democratic political systems in many areas. It makes a point of the murky line between good and bad / pirates and navy. Also mentions that Queen Elizabeth I was given the nickname of Pirate Queen for handing out licenses to certain captains to pillage, loot and kill whoever they thought was a threat to the Queen, which was no better behavior than that of the pirates. Sir Francis Drake was amongst the first to be given such a right. This is the early version of MI6 and licence to kill!

Recommended by: Hendrik - Events


 Terrible Tudors

 Terrible Tudors by Terry Deary and Neil Tonge

When I started working at The Golden Hinde, my primary school history lessons were a distant memory. In an attempt to quickly brush up on my Tudor history knowledge I read The Terrible Tudors. While the book is aimed at children, it's informative, engaging and gruesome. Providing an insight into the life of not just the rich and famous, but all parts of Tudor society. The book is interactive, with gory quiz questions that will get the whole family involved. Having read the book, it has given me a greater appreciation for the original The Golden Hinde and its crew.

Recommended by: Katherine - Administrator


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Pirates and Seafaring Swashbucklers on the Hollywood Screen by James Robert Parish

As someone who is massive Cinephile and spends most of their working life at ‘sea’ I loved James Robert Parish’s book.
From The Seahawk to Master and Commander, Parish covers every swashbuckling film you have ever heard of.. and a few you have not.. Ghost in the Noonday Sun…. Anyone? Many facts and behind-the-scenes stories to be enjoyed. Highly recommend.

Recommended by: Patrick - Education Officer


 Woodsmoke and Sage

 Woodsmoke and Sage – The Five Senses 1485-1603: How the Tudors experienced the World by Amy Licence

In this book, Amy Licence abandons traditional approaches to history.  Gone is politics and economics. This is a book about social history but not as you know it. It takes a completely new perspective. Tudor life is presented in terms of the five senses to reflect how we all experience day-to-day life. In her book, Amy writes about: the sight of brightly decorated church walls covered in images of saints and devils; the overwhelming smells – mostly unpleasant to our modern-day noses; sounds such as the early morning church bells that woke people up for work; the obsession for sugar that turned Elizabeth I’s teeth black which was a status symbol as sugar was so expensive; and medical treatments such as ointments made of highly toxic white lead which often left patients in a far worse state than they started. The book is a great read for those that want to take an immersive, sensory journey back in time.

Recommended by: Rachel - External Relationships


 Conserving Historic Vessels

Conserving Historic Vessels (Understanding Historic Vessels: Volume 3)

Conserving Historic Vessels is published by National Historic Ships UK (a government funded independent organisation which gives advice on all matters relating to UK historic vessels) and is a must-read for anyone interested in conserving maritime history. The publication is an insightful and practical guide (authored by experts in maritime preservation) which explains key conservation principles and sets out the approaches that an owner should take to maintain their historic vessel. Alongside technical information there are plentiful case studies (with beautiful photos and illustrations) highlighting the cultural and historical significance of each vessel, set against the wider context of how to safeguard the UK’s rich maritime heritage.

Recommended by: Aimee - Development

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