Blocks and Sheaves

15th May 2023
Blocks and Sheaves


Another essential part of a ship’s rigging are blocks. They can sustain a significant load, which is why you can spot so many of them in the rigging system. Inside each block, a rotating sheave allows the line to be ‘reeved’ through. The famous phrase ‘chock-a-block’ refers to the pulley and working line reaching the limit of lifting a heavy load. 

 Sheeve 2

 Blocks 2 

 Warping in sheaves.   Repairs on cracked blocks.  

 The blocks have sustained cracking, which have since been repaired. The pins that secure the sheaves in the blocks have also been replaced, due to wear and tear. And, finally, the sheaves have been re-turned, as they became ovular from shrinking across the grain. The blocks, sheaves, pins and dead eyes are ready to be installed upon completion of the new rigging. 

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