Dead Eyes

17th April 2023
Dead Eyes

Dead eyes are an integral part of the ship’s rigging. Take a look at the photos; what do they remind you of? Sailors named them so because the lanyard holes are thought to resemble the sockets of a skull. This clever device can be used to secure lines or to guide rigging.

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The dead eyes are currently being re-shaped and smoothed. This will ensure that the lanyard can pass through the deadeye with ease.

To do this, the shipwrights are using the ‘garrote’ method to form the shape of the hole. This means that it will follow the natural line of the rope. A process of filing and sanding will give the wood a smooth finish.

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Please support our crowdfunding campaign which finishes at the end of May to raise money for the rigging. There are some great rewards from a colouring book to an annual family pass which is exclusive to the campaign. Every contribution will help fund essential rigging work.




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