The School Year at The Golden Hinde 2021-2022

13th July 2022
The School Year at The Golden Hinde 2021-2022

As we approach the end of the school year, we wanted to reflect on what an exciting 12 months it’s been for Learning and Engagement aboard The Golden Hinde.

We’ve welcomed thousands of school children from hundreds of schools across the country to take part in our hands-on tours, workshops, and overnight stays. From Zooming in from classrooms on Virtual Voyages, to bedding down on the gun-deck during Living Histories, schools have immersed themselves in the histories of our galleon.

Education Interpretation Shots 2021009 1

As always, it’s been an absolute pleasure welcoming all of them.

There have been so many highlights, it’s hard to choose between them. In the winter, we were thrilled to partner with Beormund Primary, our nearest school, to produce some amazing artwork. We provided a number of virtual and onsite workshops, and then asked the pupils to respond by drawing themselves as sailors on the Golden Hinde.

Beormund 3 
Their work was beautiful, and we displayed it to the public throughout the spring as part of an exhibition in the ship’s hold.

We also welcomed more groups from universities than ever before this year, studying a range of subjects from early modern imperialism to the relationship between exploration and piracy. It’s been really exciting for us to work with them on exploring the key historical questions which surround these topics.

Canterbury Christ Church University Gundeck
It’s been so fantastic, we can’t wait for next year.

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