Repairing and Refitting The Golden Hinde part 2

30th May 2022
Repairing and Refitting The Golden Hinde part 2

The refit of the Golden Hinde started in the spring of 2017 when lead shipwright Toby Millinder joined us from the West Country. With just a single helper, Toby’s first priority was to tackle safety issues within the dock before any work could start. Initially, rotted decking around the pump house was removed, disposed of and replaced.

 Pumphouse Timbers 1

Working methodically around the dock, numerous issues were rectified. The next project was to create ten strong trestles in readiness for the work ahead. They had to be capable of taking heavy loads. Toby had learned from experience that whilst you may have most things to undertake a job, trestles were vital.

 Trestle 2
 Trestle 1

The trestles have been in constant use.

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