National Marriage Week

9th May 2022
National Marriage Week

The Golden Hinde was visiting Southampton on the south coast of England thirty years ago in June. During this visit my husband and I celebrated our marriage aboard this historic ship. It had taken place in a Registry Office the previous day. After eight years of working with the ship round the UK and North America she was an integral part of our lives. 

No-one who came to our wedding reception forgot it. It is a unique and memorable setting for a party of any kind but particularly for such a special occasion. There were speeches, delicious food - provided by outside caterers, music, laughter, many friends and family reunions.


Back in 1992 it was not possible to have the marriage service on the ship otherwise we would have done that as well. Now it is. In 2022 the ship holds a licence as a venue for marriages and civil partnerships. There are two areas that are available for a ceremony. The smaller area is The Great Cabin and the larger area is The Hold and here there can be a Gundeck balcony.

The ship continued to be a major part of our lives. Our marriage and lives have been tied up with where and what The Golden Hinde has been doing. Our children have been brought up with her as a constant presence and consideration. Although no longer sailing the high seas I sailed many hundreds of miles on the ship in diverse weather conditions from huge storms to being becalmed. Even sleeping on the heaving Gun Deck, spending many hours pumping a large manual bilge pump, spending more interminable hours pushing the capstan round and round to raise the heavy anchor out of deep water. I never had a moment of concern about my safety on the ship. The ship was built to survive all that is thrown at her. As our marriage has been.

To find out more about having a wedding aboard The Golden Hinde view our Wedding Brochure and get in touch

 Roddy Angus
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