8 Reasons to Study the Spanish Armada on The Golden Hinde

15th July 2019


1) Ties to the Curriculum and GCSE Exam Boards

This year, the Historical Environment section on the AQA GCSE paper is centred around the Spanish Armada - a topic which also continues to be central to Edexcel and OCR examinations. At The Golden Hinde, we’ve been getting excited about taking a fresh look at the evidence surrounding 1588 and adding even more colour and detail to our KS4 Armada programme.

Like all of our educational programmes, KS4 Armada is designed to complement learning inside the classroom with a close eye on the specifications of exam boards.

2) Learning Outside the Classroom

Taking learning outside the classroom with a visit to a museum or historical site can engage, inspire and improve attainment!

According to a recent study commissioned from the Research Centre for Museums and Galleries (RCMG), 60% of students achieved a higher mark in assessments after a museum visit, not least because of museums’ ability to support students with different learning styles.

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3) Engage with the big debates

How did the English defeat the Spanish in 1588? Was it really a David and Goliath story? How important was the ‘Protestant Wind’? In fact, why was there even an Armada in the first place?

Our Armada programme is centred around these key historical debates and encourages students to use the historical environment of the ship and the story of the battle as evidence. After an interactive tour of the Hinde and a visual demonstration of 1588, students are given the chance to reflect on what they have learned and begin to construct arguments of their own.

4) Understand a Sailor’s Lived Experience

As a full-scale reconstruction of a race-built galleon which has also circumnavigated the world, the Hinde allows students to see, feel, smell and hear what life might have been like on board a 16th Century English warship. At The Golden Hinde, we believe understanding a sailor’s lived experience humanises History, and adds colour and clarity to historical understanding. Our programmes are designed to capitalise on the environment of the ship and spark imaginations.

5) Get to grips with 16th Century Naval Tech

Although crucial to understanding the events of 1588, it’s easy for the study of differences between Spanish and English naval technology to feel dry and confusing. At The Golden Hinde, we seek to combat this through practical demonstrations, and by offering the students the chance to get hands on with our faithful reconstruction. Want to understand why fireships forced the Spanish to cut their anchors loose? Then experience the struggles of weighing anchor using the Hinde’s capstan. Want to know why gun carriages were so important? Try moving one of our cannons on the gun deck!

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6) Our Armada map

At The Golden Hinde, we look to make the battle in the Channel as clear and engaging as possible. As part of our Armada programme, we bring the story to life with our tabletop map and model armada. Students are encouraged to consider both the tactics of the commanders and the wider strategy of Philip II whilst improving their understanding of events by watching our demonstration.

7) Our Costumed Educators

Our costumed educators are passionate about bringing history to life. Decked out in the garb of an Elizabethan sailor, they give students the chance to visualise the past, whilst also being highly knowledgable and engaging.

8) Our location

Berthed in dry dock on the Southbank, The Golden Hinde couldn’t be more perfectly positioned for a day studying the Elizabethans. With The Globe Theatre a stone’s throw away, and the Tower and Thames Pool in sight, the Hinde is a perfect option for a day of learning outside the classroom.

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