Family Event

Peter Pan Summer Takeover

Pan is back to stop the dastardly Captain Hook from taking over The Golden Hinde. Come aboard and immerse yourself in a world of fantasy as the Lost Boys set up their secret hideout on board our ship. Are you Team Pan or Team Hook?

Throughout the day you can meet and enjoy fun activities with different characters. 

Peter Pan Summer Takeover will not be running on Friday 23 August. 


10:30  Story Time with Pan, Tink, Miss Darling
11:00  Pirate Training with Hook & Smee - additional £5 for children
11:45  Gun Demonstration with Starkey - Free
13:00  Lost Boys party - additional £5 for children
14:00  Gun Demonstration with Starkey - Free
15:00  Pirate Training with Hook & Smee - additional £5 for children
16:00  Hook and Pan leave for the day


Ticket prices - summer admission price + additional cost for some activities for children. No booking required.

Peter Pan Family Day Ticket £35 - 2 adults, 2 children includes all paid activities.

There are limited spaces on the paid activities, please come early to get a place. 


Age group
Adult £7
Child £7 + activities cost extra
Group of 4 £20 No paid activities


Multiple date and time options are available

17th Aug, 18th Aug, 19th Aug, 20th Aug, 21st Aug, 22nd Aug, 24th Aug, 25th Aug, 26th Aug, 27th Aug, 28th Aug, 29th Aug