12th November, 19:00 - 22:00
Music & Food

Indonesian Live Music and Food - Featuring Segara Madu

'Four xylophones interlock in swathes of varying melodic rhythms leading attentive ears up and down the notes of the forty bronze suspended keys, hovering above amplifying bamboo and glimmering on their ornately carved and painted wooden frames. Glaring and humming, the notes oscillate with verve but hush suddenly, muted at the palm of a hand...'


Segara Madu (“Sea of Honey”) is a Balinese gendér wayang group based at SOAS University, directed and taught by Dr Nick Gray. The group mostly plays pieces from the village of Sukawati, as taught by the late I Wayan Loceng.
Dr Nick Gray is a composer and a performer of gendér wayang, the small group of metallophones that accompanies the Balinese shadow play. He also composes for various genres including rock and experimental music. Nick is author of Improvisation and composition in Balinese gendér wayang (Ashgate 2011) as well as numerous articles on gendér wayang. His music groups include ‘Segara Madu’ (Balinese gendér wayang) and ‘My Tricksy Spirit’ (psychedelic gamelan trip hop). Nick is interested in the nature of composition and performance, collaborative artistic practices, music in the context of total theatre, music and religion, and altered states of consciousness. He teaches on many aspects of South East Asian music, as well as performance and composition. Recent projects include “The Birth of Kala” and “The Watchers by the Well” with story teller and movement artist Tim Jones, “Bawang Merah Bawang Putih'' with choreographer and dancer Ni Made Pujawati, and an album ‘My Tricksy Spirit’ with producer Rob Shipster and bassist/guitarist Charlie Cawood. 
For this event, the line up for Segara Madu include musicians Paula Friar, Robert Campion, and Victoria Major.


Vegan Meal Option
tempe & tofu bacem (steam fried marinated soya bean and tofu Javanese style), spicy chilli sauce, stir fried green bean and tofu, sayur lodeh (aubergine, tempe, tofu, green papaya in Indonesian green curry), steamed rice 
Meat Meal Options
pergedel (potato cake), spicy chilli sauce, stir fried green bean and tofu, beef rendang OR chicken rendang (traditional Indonesian curry), steamed rice. WARNING: rendang contains NUTS.
All meals come in a bento style box made to order for this event.
To book a meal, tickets must be purchased online before Friday 5th November.
Cash bar available.

craft beer supplied by local London brewery Anspach & Hobday
Price £21.50 with meal (prebook only) / £10 online / £12 on the door