13th September, 18:30 - 22:00
Storytelling & Poetry

A Sea Of Stories on The Golden Hinde


Stories lap the shores of the British Isles like waves. Tonight, board The Golden Hinde, one of the UK’s most historic ships, & let Giles Abbott, one of the UK’s leading traditional storytellers, guide you across a sea of stories.

Meet mermaids before Disney made them soppy, clash with pirates, smugglers & fisher folk, meet seals who shed their seal skin & dance on the beaches in moonlight! Giles’ stories are magical, romantic, scary, funny - their moods change, just like the sea, so book now, board the Golden Hinde, travel the seas in your imagination then return safely to the South Bank of the Thames. 

This is an event for grown ups with stories drawn from the rich traditions of the British Isles. Giles Abbott is a storyteller, voice actor, voice teacher, writer whose storytelling has taken him all over the UK, Europe, India, Africa, bewitching audiences with his poetic flair for language, his rich speaking voice & with the sheer magic of storytelling. Don’t miss out!

“Wit, wisdom & a voice like melted chocolate!” - Honor, Manchester

“I wish I could have the experience of hearing that for the first time, again.” Tony, Margate

“So mesmerising that it left me speechless. And, the story teller, Giles Abbott from U.K received a standing ovation. His magical words kept the audience glued for more than an hour, which was unbelievable. He has left an impact and his stories will ring in my ears for many more years to come.” Divvya, New Delhi

Doors open 18:00, bar available. The performance will begin at 19:30. 

Price £7.50 Online/ £10 on the door