3rd Nov - 1st Dec, 18:00 - 22:30

Bringeth Thy Troubadour: Open Mic

The first Wednesday Eve of each Month is one for the book! These Wednesdays are for the strings and tin whistles, poems and songs, the rhymes and melodies, accordions, shamisens, spoons, and obviously guitars.

SIGN UP from 6:30pm!
Fist come first serve!
Bar on board!
Open mics aboard Tudor Galleons are renowned for their particular quality! The Golden Hinde is a beautiful, historic, and atmospheric venue in Borough Market, London. The intimate wooden belly of the ship nests a perfect environment for attentive listening one moment, and a warm and feel good knees-up and a flat foot the next.
Double Basses cannot fit down the steps to the lower deck! A sorry shame...
Basic amplification, mic stand, and mic here. Please bring your own instruments! We ain't got no spares.

Doors and bar open at 19:00, Open Mic at 19:30.



Multiple date and time options are available

3rd Nov, 1st Dec