9th December, 19:00 - 22:00

Kadialy Kouyate

The Golden Hinde is truly delighted to host Kadialy Kouyate live in concert for one evening. His careful voice and virtuosic skill on the 21 stringed West African harp, the kora, is absolutely mesmerising - his music incredibly current yet alive with legacy and honoured tradition...an absolute must hear! We cannot wait to hear his music cacooned in the intimate hold of our beautiful ship...

Kadialy belongs to the great line of Kouyate griots descendent of Balla Fasseke Kouyate, the first Mandinka jali who became the official griot in the service of the emperor Sundiata Keita in the 13th century. Being brought up in such a family of griots, he played
the kora instinctively from an early age. He was raised in a large family circle of different generations from whom he acquired a great knowledge of songs based on traditional stories, the bedrock of his repertoire.
Since his arrival in the UK, Kadialy has played a significant part in enriching the London musical scene with his griot legacy. Kadialy has taught the kora at SOAS, University of London, for the last decade and he has also been involved in countless musical projects both as a collaborator and a session musician. He has played at venues and festivals across the world, touring to Europe, Australia, North and South America.
He has released several albums, and makes regular radio and television appearances. With his Sound Archive, Kadialy Kouyate draws on his heritage and its traditional songs to create his own mesmerising compositions, leading his fantastic band into the West African groove.

"Kadialy's strong deep voice that impresses...on the Youssou N'dour-esque opener 'Ye Nale'..." Jane Cornwell - Songline Magazine
Senegalese kora virtuoso/singer Kadialy Kouyate showcases his fleet-fingered skills on this mesmerizing instrument, complementing it with his hauntingly, darkly beautiful voice.” -Time Out London.
“.... Admirable skill and precision.” – Songlines #125 –
Successful piece of West African Afro-Pop with a message" – Tropicalidad.be

Doors and bar open at 19:00, music at 19:30.


Price £7.50 online / £10 on the door