School tours: Key Stages 3 & 4

Drake's Circumnavigation - KS3/4

Learning Objectives:

  • What were the motivation for Drake’s Circumnavigation in 1577? Voyage of Exploration or Voyage of Plunder?
  • What can understanding the motivations, nature and outcomes of the voyage teach us about the Early Modern world?
  • The ship gives us a glimpse into the ‘lived experience’ aboard an Elizabethan Galleon. How can we use this to enrich our understanding of history?

GCSE Exam Board Links:

Paper 2 - Shaping the Nation:
Unit BC Elizabethan England, c. 1568 - 1603

Paper 2 - Period Study and British Depth Study
Unit B4: Early Elizabethan England, 1558–88

History B
Component Group 1: The Elizabethans, 1580—1603




Private birthday party - AMAZING!!

We hired the Golden Hinde for a private 5th birthday party. It was absolutely fantastic. The actors were fabulous. Treasure hunt on the gun deck, singing in the cabin, lots of games on top deck, a feast below deck in the hold and brilliant cake and storytelling in the cabin at the end. We couldn't recommend it highly enough. We were delighted from start to finish of the booking, with the helpfulness of the office staff and then on the day the entertainment team were just brilliant. The children all laughed a lot and didn't want to leave. Huge success.

5* TripAdvisor


Fantastic Pirate Training experience

Amazing staff, the 2 pirates leading the training really brought it to life and kept everyone engaged and entertained (ages 7 to 62!) From the pirate clothes, to cutlass fights, firing canons to sea shanties, everything was brilliantly organised and enjoyed by both my son and daughter. We will definitely be back again with friends. Thanks for a great day!

5* TripAdvisor

Excellent Staff

I had a great afternoon here; the staff members Josh, Frances, Rio and Yasemin were approachable and made me feel welcome from the very start. As a non history buff, I found the guided tour of the ship deeply creative and informative for everyone in attendance (ranging from young children to older adults). The puppet show on the lower deck of the ship was highly creative and entertaining too.

The hard work of the staff is apparent. Two thumbs up!! I hope more events happen here in future. This place needs more exposure.

5* TripAdvisor

One hour eductional programme

Staff were really informative and was brilliant with the children! Enjoyed most: Finding out the gruesome facts and learning about life on the ship! What could be improved: Nothing the kids loved it!

5* School Tour

Brilliant Reproduction ...detail wonderful

Even though the weather was awful our guide painted a picture of what life would have been like in Sir Francis Drake's time. Plenty to see on board. Coupled with the information from the guide, it was a wonderful way to spend part of the morning. Even this replica has been around the world!!!

This is real hidden gem near Southwark cathedral......a must to see!!

5* TripAdvisor

Great sleepover

The thought of spending a night on a historical galleon combined with sailor`s practice, looked like fun and it sure delivered! From the moment we entered the deck of Golden Hinde we felt welcome and well entertained. [...] We all got to dress up in sailor`s attire and took part in training: sword fighting, session with a surgeon, canon loading etc. All sessions delivered by very professional actors who made children believe that we have gone back in time. Good pace, funny jokes and games. Simple but satisfying supper. Children had a blast, everything was exciting and new for them. [...] Children however, after making friends, were eager to stay longer. [...] I do recommend this event, in an effortless manner we managed to learn so much about sailing during Sir Francis Drake times, had a ball and are left with great memories!

5* TripAdvisor

One hour eductional programme

My staff and I wanted to say a huge thank you to your team that gave us the tours. They were fantastic.
After having been for a few years, we were most impressed with the collective amount of detail and information the boys received as they went around.
In previous years, it depended on the guide you got as to how much information the boys received, but now they get the full programme, and it is delivered knowledgeably and with interest and good humour.
Please pass on our thanks to your staff, and we look forward to another visit next year!

5* School Tour

Overnight Living History

Absolutely fantastic! All our cubs and leaders had an amazing time on your Overnight Living History experience. The crew were brilliant can't praise you all enough ! Thank you for a night that will hard to top!

5* Facebook Reviews

Absolutely excellent

5 quid to get in and a bargain. I have always been interested in old sailing ships and although its not a pirate ship it certainly gives you a feel of what life was like. You really need a guided tour to understand the true story about the ship.
Our Guide was Josh and he was brilliant.. I learnt a lot and it was the highlight of my visit to London...
Definitely a must see attraction!

5* TripAdvisor

One hour eductional programme

Took a group of 43 Y9 and Y10 students on a History trip here and the tour guide was amazing! Funny, relatable, and really brought the ship to life for them! Not only that, but they were very understanding when we kept adding students to our invoice, right up till the day before our visit AND were very accommodating when we were half an hour late due to traffic! Really can’t recommend this place enough!

5* School Tour


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