25th July, 18:30 - 22:00

Upcycled Sounds Presents: Limpet Space Race

Limpet Space Race return to The Golden Hinde with their ’strange but lovely' mishmash of jazz, pop and prog. They are supported by label mates Jay Sunaway, a London-based space-folk collective, as well as poetry to be announced soon.

Music from 19:00 - 22:00. 

Limpet Space Race


A new Oxford duo mishmashing folk, jazz, and pop to bring you glitchy, rhythmical songs and experimental sounds. Niko Brian and Hannah Jakes multitask with vocals, keyboard, guitar, drums, home made instruments and percussive junk to create intricate grooves and dreamy soundscapes.

Jay Sunaway


An immediately lovable and energetic five-piece writing love songs, drinking songs, and space shanties. Their first EP, 'Earth Hum', combines upbeat modern influences and experimental electronic production with ethereal harmonies and contemplative lyrics exploring human relationships with technology and the natural world.





Price £8 advance / £10 on the door