13th January, 19:00 - 22:00

Upcycled Sounds Presents: Rosie Caldecott


Upcycled Sounds return to the Golden Hinde to present Rosie Caldecott, whose debut EP 'The Lost Gardens' was released earlier this year.

Rosie Caldecott

‘There are some vocals which you feel like you could listen to all day.’ (Sarah Gosling Fresh on the Net blog, 2018).

A singer, songwriter and artist from Oxford, Rosie Caldecott is known for the dreaminess of her soundscapes, the wistfulness of her lyrics, and the warmth of her voice. Rosie recently released a new EP titled The Lost Gardens (2018), which was 100% crowdfunded. This latest release was recorded, produced and released by Oxford based Upcycled Sounds.

‘Delicious poise, gorgeous singing, and adventurous production’ (Tom Robinson on BBC Radio 6 Music)
‘The melodies, twists, turns, and general execution are top-notch, and likely to sweep you away in a most-beautiful auditory manner.’ (Jason Grishkoff on indieshuffle)

She has performed regularly on BBC radio, performed at BBC Countryfile Live, is a regular with Sofar Sounds and the local Catweazle Club, and has performed at many other local festivals over the past decade. Graduating with a degree in fine art from Falmouth University, Rosie has developed her painting and photography practice in her studio near the Cotswolds, where she continues to explore her work as a visual artist.

Zander Sharp

Widely regarded as one of the best songwriters of his name, Zander sings about a wide range of pressing topics, from the loneliness of overthinking to overthinking loneliness. He played his first gig at the pockmarked age of 14 at London’s The Betsey Trotwood. He has since brought his unique blend of music and lyrics to Oxford’s O2 Academy and his mum's wedding. Zander is part of the Oxford-based Ecolabel Upcycled Sounds and released his first EP, After You in 2018

Jay Sunaway

London-based space folk-collective Jay Sunaway have been playing together in a few different materialisations for the last four years. Their music is made up of traditional folk instrumentation and post-rock and experimental sensibilities, and was described as ‘calm freaky’ by Jon Wilks of Grizzly Folk. Their first EP ‘Earth Hum’ was released on Upcycled Sounds in 2018, followed by a tour of London warehouses, Oxfordshire farms, French street corners and English galleons.

Music from 19:30 - 22:00.

Price £7.50 online / £10 on the door