15th October, 19:00 - 22:00

Rodney Branigan

 The Texan local who learned to play in Austin, perform in Los Angeles, craft songs in Nashville... And put it all together in London! Rodney Branigan has played all types of music in all types of venues in his storied career. His adventurous, boundary breaking guitar playing (sometimes at the same time) earning him the title "The Two Guitar Man" has led to performance invites across America, India, Africa and Europe

Music connections USA described him as “Impossibly talented”, BBC Cambridge call him a “Living Legend” and Blues magazine France called him "The revelation of the year or even decade".

"Every year there will be one or two artists that take the audience completely by surprise. This year Rodney Branigan was undoubtedly that artist, his name being mentioned in our feedback over and over again as peoples stand out act" - John Marshall-Potter, FolkEast

Official website: http://www.rodneybranigan.com

Doors open 19:00, music starts 19:30.

Price £10.00 Online / £12 on the door